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[Others] A Firefighter Drone That Flies and Crawls Up Walls [2016-01-20]
KAIST researchers developed a wall-climbing scout drone to fight fires in high-rises, finding the sou...
[Others] 융합연구기획과제 성과 - 대학 캠퍼스 내 실내외 통합 내비게이션 개발 [2015-09-17]
석사과정 면접을 앞둔 김 모 군은 면접 당일 교내에서 곤욕을 치렀다. 캠퍼스가 넓어 길 찾기가 어려웠을 뿐...
[Others] KIUSS Research Contract on the Branch of 'Smart Green City' [2012-01-12]
Newly closed research contract on the branch of ‘Smart green city’ - Development of Urban Space Decis...
[Others] Elected a Fellow of ACI(American Concrete Institute) [2011-12-13]
Professor Jin-Keun Kim, Director of KI for Urban Space and Systems (KIUSS), elected a Fellow of ACI (...
[Others] Synthesis of Calcium Crystals on Any Material Surfaces is Developed [2010-07-20]
Synthesis of calcium crystals, hydroxyapatite, on virtually any material surfaces is developed by KI ...
[Others] Won the NAS Award (National Academy of Science Award)
The NAS Awards were given to Prof. Soon Hyung Hong (Former director of KINC), Prof. Dai Gil Lee (Dire...

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