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The 2nd KI International Symposium

September 4, 5 / 9, 2008

1. KI for the BioCentury

-Date/Time: September 4, 2008 09:30 - 12:20

-Place: Room 1111, Biomedical Research Center (E7)






Opening Ceremony


Welcome Address, Prof. Sang Soo Kim (Vice President for KAIST Institutes)


Introduction to the KAIST Institute for the BioCentury,

Prof. Sun Chang Kim (KIB Director)


Prof. Morgan Sheng 

Professor of Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT

The Structure and Function of Brain Excitatory Synapses


Prof. Jong Kyeong Chung 

Professor of Department of Biological Sciences, KAIST

Molecular Mechanism of Parkinson’s Disease


Prof. Jie Oh Lee 

Professor of Department of Chemistry, KAIST

Ligand Recognition by the Toll-like Receptor Family

2. KI for IT Convergence

-Date/Time: September 4, 2008 13:30 - 17:30

-Place: Room 2201, Division of Electrical Engineering (E3-2)






Prof. Chulhee Choi

Professor of Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST

Dynamic Molecular Imaging: Future Medical Technology


Dr. Kyoungsoo Yi

CEO of Healthpia Co., Ltd.

Mobile Healthcare


Dr. Han-Oh Park

President of BIONEER Corporation

Diagnostics and Theraputics in Post Genomic Era


Coffee Break


Prof. Kwang-Hyun Cho

Professor of Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST

Systems Biology as a Merger of Information Technology and Life Sciences


Prof. Eduardo Mendoza

Senior Research Scientist of Faculty of Physics & Center for NanoScience, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

The Evolution of Information Technology as a Platform for 21st Century Life Sciences and Its Industries

3. KI for Design of Complex Systems

-Date/Time: September 4, 2008 14:00 - 17:20

-Place: E1 Seminar Room 3213, Div. of Mechanical Engineering (N7-3)






Prof. Dai Gil Lee

Director of KI for Design of Complex Systems, KAIST

Design of the Hybrid Composite Anchor for New LNG Ships


Prof. Insik Shin

Professor of Div. of Computer Science, KAIST

Compositionality for Cyber-Physical Systems


Prof. Jung Kim

Professor of Division of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST

Engineering for Human Hands: Action and Sensing


Prof. Jae-Hung Han

Professor of Department of Aerospace Engineering, KAIST

Bio-inspired Flapping Vehicles: Future Sensor Network Platforms


Prof. Taesik Lee

Professor of Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, KAIST

Making Our Healthcare Delivery System Healthier


Prof. Sukyung Park

Professor of Division of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST

Biomimetic Model of Stereocilia’s Amplifying Mechanism


Prof. Jennifer Shin

Professor of Division of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST

Effects of Mechanical Environment on Regulation of Structure and Function in Vascular Endothelial Cells


Prof. James Morrsion

Professor of Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, KAIST

Design of Complex Stochastic Systems: Semiconductor Wafer Production and Port Services


Prof. Sungho Jo

Professor of Division of Computer Science, KAIST

Progress Report of Intelligent Systems and Neurobotics Group at KAIST


Dr. Seong Su Kim

Senior Researcher of Division of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST

Optimum Adhesive Joints for Hybrid Composite Journal Bearing

4. KI for Entertainment Engineering

-Date/Time: September 4, 2008 14:00 - 17:20

-Place: Room 101, Creative Learning Building (E11)






Prof. Kunitake Kaneko

Professor of Keio University

Networking Technology of Very High Quality Media


Prof. JongWon Kim

Professor of Department of Information & Communication, GIST

Linking Smart Meeting Spaces for Interactive Collaboration


Coffee Break


Prof. Naohisa Ohta

Professor of Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University

Beyond 4k: Advanced Networked Media at Very High Quality


5. KI for the NanoCentury

-Date/Time: September 4, 2008 15:00 - 17:00

-Place: Multimedia Lecture Hall, Applied Engineering Building (W1-3)






Prof. Ray Baughman

Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry and Director of the NanoTech Institute, University of Texas in Dallas.

Giant Stroke, Fast Response Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles


Prof. Young June Park

Director of Nano Systems Institute and Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University

CNT Gold System for Ubiqutous IT Sensor Platform

6. KI for Optical Science and Technology

-Date/Time: September 4, 200814:00 - 18:00

                 September 5, 2008 13:00 - 13:45

-Place: Room 1501, Div. of Mechanical Engineering (N7-3)


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