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B5G/6G mobile communications and wireless power transfer technology

The mobile communication technology seems to go through a new generation every 10 years. The era of the next-generation mobile communication which is 1,000 times faster than LTE will have a great ripple effect. The communication energy team of Information Technology Convergence planned a research task for the 5th-generation mobile communication system in 2010. Based on the joint research with Samsung Electronics and KMW, Professor Lee and his team members have been trying to find a way to provide the capacity of 100Gbps for the 5th-generation mobile communication system through the achievement of the capacity that is 1,000 times greater than the current level.

Research Topics
  • 5G antenna/ RF/ Baseband Technology
    In order to increase the wireless capacity, it is needed to utilize beam division transmission with lots of antennas. In sub-6GHz band, we are developing pattern/polarization antennas for NLoS environment and OAM antennas for LoS environment, which can obtain MIMO gain in sharp beam coverage. Since lots of antennas may increase the complexity of RF and baseband parts, we are developing a novel RF architecture and hybrid beamforming technology. Utilizing these original technologies, we also develop wireless backhaul network in 5 GHz band.

  • Millimeter Band Technology
    As the 5-th generation wireless communication technology, we are developing millimeter band transmission technology. In order to investigate the transmission characteristics, channel measurements and modeling for 28 GHz band is being carried out in the campus and urban area. Moreover, we are developing mmWave band testbed systems, where lots of antennas are used to obtain beamforming gain and hybrid beamforming technology is developed to increase the capacity while reducing the system complexity.

Key Technology
  • Pattern/Polarization Antenna, Orbital Angular Momentum Antenna
  • Beam Division Multiple Access
  • Ultra-wide Wireless Backhaul
  • Millimeter Wave Transmission

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