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The KAIST Institute (KI) was established in 2006 to foster interdisciplinary research at KAIST. The KI Building, which has become a landmark at KAIST, was completed in 2010 with generous donations from Dr. Byiung Jun Park and his wife Mrs. Chunghi Hong. Our primary mission is to solve critical problems for the future of humankind and to develop new growth engines for the Korean economy. At present, KI consists of six institutes, KI for the BioCentury, KI for Information Technology Convergence, KI for Robotics, KI for NanoCentury, KI for Health Science and Technology, and KI for Artificial Intelligence, and three centers, the Saudi Aramco-KAIST CO2 Management Center, I-Space, and Fourth Industrial Revolution Intelligence Center (FIRIC). In KI, approximately 200 faculty members and close to 350 researchers and students are currently engaged in various interdisciplinary research activities.

  • Facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research excellence
  • Perform strategic research to solve critical problems for the future of humankind and our environment
  • Develop new growth engines for the Korean economy
  • Serve as a technology intelligence hub for Korea and the world
  • Serve as an interdisciplinary hub for leading the fourth industrial revolution

  • Operate independently of academic units
  • Focus on futuristic or practical themes with great impacts
  • Identify new themes through both top-down and bottom-up processes
  • Incubate new themes by providing seed money and organizational support until such efforts become mature enough to establish regular research centers in KI
  • Enhance collaborative innovation through networking with both domestic and international partners in academia and industry
  • Implement and maintain large-scale testbeds for consilience-based interdisciplinary and convergent research
  • Lead the era of the fourth industrial revolution through operation of the "Network of Excellence for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (NExFIRE)" program




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