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Recently, the medical device and service industries have applied IoT technology into their work and have drastically increased the demand from users. Moreover, this phenomenon creates new markets in the industry. Now, the new market requires various highly accumulated non-restraint, non-invasive sensors for bio-signal measuring and processing.

Research Topics
  • High Resolution Image Sensor Technology
    Nowadays a lot of end users(Doctors) want high resolution digital radiography medical equipment. So we focus on the Pin/Coded Aperture Gamma Camera and A-Si Flat Panel Detector technic to develop the relevant sensors. 

  • Multi Bio-signal Sensor Technology
    For detecting a real-time bio signal from multi users, we are now using a differential radar method.

  • Patient Monitoring Sensor Technology
    To detect a depth of anesthesia and pain intensity from a patient, we design a whole measuring system using complicated bio signal measuring sensors (EEG, EMG, ECG, etc.)

Key Technology
  • Differential Radar
  • PET-MR
  • EEG
  • Detector for Digital Radiography

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