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KI for Artificial Intelligence aims at world top class transdisciplinary research institute in artificial intelligence field covering fundamental and emerging topics together with their strategic applications with high impact. KIAI focuses on developing Artificial Brain with Brain-like Computing (Weak AI) and Brain Computing (Strong AI) capabilities based on Human Brain Cognitive Information Processing Mechanism and NBIC(Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) convergent technologies.

Research Theme
Major Research Areas

The goal of KIAI research is to develop brain-like computing and brain computing technology based on human brain cognitive information processing mechanism and apply these technologies to build intelligent, emotional and autonomous artifacts such as social human robots, self-driving vehicles, medical/healthcare systems, intelligent service agents, and a large scale smart infrastructure including smart farm, smart manufacturing, smart city and smart planet eventually that would provide humans convenience, well-being, safety and freedom. In addition to developing fundamental AI technologies currently on-going world wide, we set ambitious plan to challenge high impact emerging topics such as Brain-AI Interface, Smart Chip for Pervasive Intelligence and Quantum Machine Learning that, we believe, would bring out another quantum leap to existing AI fields. We also put high weight on applying state of the art AI technologies to solve a variety of complex science and engineering problems such as new material design and composition, nuclear fusion reactor diagnosis and control, learning heuristic rules in organic chemistry, environment and atmosphere prediction, management/economics/finance analysis etc.

KIAI research category comprises AI fundamentals, Emergings and Applications.
In the following are provided main topics of each category currently under cover and more crucial topics would be added later.
(We referred to Wikipedia in describing research topics for precision)


♦ Center for Intelligent Digital Companion

PI:  Prof. Soo-Young, Lee


Intelligent Digital Companion Center is established to conduct research on emotional conversational agents for autonomous intelligent digital companion.

Target Research Area:

-Emotion data collection technology

-Emotion / Speaker recognition technology

-Emotional expression in speech and facial images

-Emotional conversational dialogue

-Emotional issues of AI

♦ Center for Advanced Machine Learning Research

PI:  Prof. HyunWook, Park


Center for Advanced Machine Learning Research performs researhes on explainable artificial intelligence and a human-like deep machine learning, which are the core areas of artificial intelligence. Through study on explainable human-level deep machine learning, fundamental technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be secured and applied to the health and medical area. These developed technologies also will be applied to various research fields.

Name Position e-Mail Phone
Alice Oh Director alice.oh@kaist.edu +82-042-350-3549
Shin, Phil-Ho
Administrative Staffphshin@kaist.ac.kr+82-042-350-8491

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