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Antenna Node Grouping Technology & OAM

Core 5G Network Technology to Lead the Era of IoT “The pattern/polarization BDMA technology to receive and transmit transmit and...


Development of Chemical Sensors and Application Devices

Positioning as the World’s Leading Research Group in Chemical Sensors “This research outcome bears significance in that the depa...


Toward a Secure Web with SIMon

Recent large-scale cyberattacks such as the information leakage at SK Communications, attacks on the network infrastructure of Nong...


Mobile Gas Sensor Array for Self-health Analysis

Mobile devices such as phones, tablet PCs, and wearable gear have become indispensable for our busy lives. We cannot imagine a sing...


Digital Signage : Mobile Content Transfer Interface

Digital Signage: Mobile Content Transfer Interface "We are currently discussing the transfer of technologies related with the lo...


Development of the 5th – generation Mobile Communication System

Beginning the era of mobile communication that is 1,000 times faster than LTE "Beginning with a demonstration at the 2018 Pyeong...


Research on a Small Base Station for 5th Generation Wireless ...

This article presents the concept and implementation of a beamforming antenna and a passive lossless RF transmission system. This w...


Development of 79GHz Pulse Compression Radar Front-end Chip

World’s First Single-chip CMOS Pulse Compression Radar Sensor at 79GHz “Radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) technology h...


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