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KAIST Institute Awards, which has been started from 2016, is an award granted for the excellent professors and researchers who created excellent fusion research achievements and contributed to the development of KAIST Institute. It promotes KI members to become more inspired for fusion research.


- Date: November 27th(Tue), 2018

- Venue: Faculty Conference Room(D304, KI Building) 

[Excellent Fusion Research Award]

- Winner: Prof. Jon, Sangyong(KIB), Prof. Hong, Song-Cheol (KIITC), Associate Prof. Shim, Hyunchul(KIR), Associate Prof. Kim, Heetak(KINC), Associate Prof. Park, Ji Ho(KIHST), Prof. Kim, Daesoo(KIAI) 

[Excellent Researcher Award]

- Winner: Associate Research Prof. Lee, Jun Hyoung(KIB), KI Fellow Lee, Ju Yong(KIITC), Researcher Lee, Moonyoung(KIR), KI Fellow Kim, YongJoo(KINC), Graduate Student Shin, Paul(KIHST), Researcher Kim, JuneWoo(KIAI)

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