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The main objective of I-Space is to identify new interdisciplinary programs and incubate them by providing seed money and organizational supports for 1~2 years.  If the newly identified program is found to be promising, it will be transferred to one of the relevant institutes within KI for further developments.  At present, there are 3 ongoing programs in I-Space, including Dr. M - KAIST smart mobile healthcare system, chained micro radar system capable of detecting small drones, and in-situ infection diagnostics convergence system.

Research Theme

♦ Brain Congnitive Function Control Center

   PI: Prof. Sun Chang, Kim

   Brain Cognitive Function Control Center aims to identify genes that regulate complex brain cognitive functions, particularly learning & memory and social behavior, and understand
   underlying mechanism. For this purpose, we take advantage of novel bioinformatic analysis techniques of human genome big data collected from normal and diseased human brain
   samples and generation of genetically engineered mouse model systems. The target genes screened from our study will be used to develop new treatments for improving and restoring
   brain cognitive functions in healthy and diseased brain.

   Target Research Area:

   -Identify genes regulating brain cognitive functions

   -Understand the underlying mechanisms

   -Develop new ways for the improvement and restoration of memory function and social behavior

♦ Diagnostic System for Infections by Convergence Research Team

   PI: Prof. Hee Tae, Jung

   The emergence and spread of intectious diseases is a serious threat worldwide. Prevention of intections requires rapid and accurate diagnosis that can be applied at the bedside in the

   clinic. This research group focuses on the development of a microscale, ultrafast pathogen detection plaform allowing community diagnosis with high sensitivity and specificity. The

   research group is integrated among laboratories of various fields such as bioengineering, materials science, applied chemistry, physics, and medicine.

♦ Artificial Intelligence Research Team

   PI: Prof. Jun-Ho, Oh

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