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Our research aims to develop real-time operating systems to control humanoid robots with primary focus on the following:
  • A humanoid robot is composed of various devices including motor controllers and sensors, so it is necessary to develop techniques to control these devices simultaneously.
  • The size and power consumption of humanoid robots is limited, so their embedded system architecture and algorithms need to be optimized.
  • A humanoid robot is a multi-rate system and requires strict real-time capabilities to avoid any unacceptable errors.
  • Humanoids are an expensive robot platform compared to other robot hardware platforms. We are going to propose a basic framework to make humanoid robots more accessible to researchers and developers.

Research Topics
  • Sensors and Drives
    - Development of techniques to control several robot devices including motor controllers and sensors
    - Signal processing for sensor signal fusion

  • Software Framework
    - Development of a software framework based on an embedded system
    - Development of a software structure with which several researcher can progress programming

  • Real Time OS
    - Realization of a strict hard real-time controlling system between the main controller and devices

  • Communications
    - Inter-agent communication techniques including CAN and EtherCat

Key Technology
  • Real-time robot operating system
  • Simultaneous device control
  • Software structure optimization
  • Simultaneous development
  • Basic development framework

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