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Research Theme

AI applications cover a variety of topics that would produce high impact to medicine/healthcare, science, engineering, management/economics/finance, design, arts etc.

Major research fields include, but not limited to
  • Intelligent agent services
  • Intelligent robot/drone/self-driving car
  • AI based solutions for natural science and engineering problems
  • AI based medicine and healthcare
  • AI based design of new material and composition
  • AI based management, economics and finance analysis
  • AI based environment and atmosphere prediction system
  • AI based music technology
  • Etc

AI based Medical/Healthcare Goal :
  • AI based medical big data collection and knowledge extraction
  • AI based clinical diagnosis assistant system (CDSS)
  • AI based medical image processing, analysis, retrieval and classification
  • AI based smart healthcare device

Intelligent Urban Robotics

Goal : AI Technology Development for autonomous robot navigation, structural health monitoring and environmental robotics

IoT based Intelligent Companion

Goal : Proactive interaction design strategy development for interaction mental model search using relational development model theory

AI based new material design and composition

Goal : boost material design and composition process based on statistical characteristics. The characteristics are extracted / modeled automatically by collected data and AI method

AI based Chemistry

Goal : enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of quantum chemistry using AI & learning heuristic rules in organic chemistry using state-of-the art AI

AI based nuclear fusion reactor diagnosis and control Goal :
  • Real time diagnosis & control of nuclear fusion experimental reactor inside high temp. (over 100 Mil degrees) plasma using AI
  • Elicitation of the best high temp plasma running condition based on AI assisted physical analysis

AI based hazardous situation control

Goal : minimize the chemical hazards occurrences using drone based sensing technology.

AI based Marine and Atmosphere Prediction System

Goal : Establish ocean and atmosphere prediction system through machine learning and big data analysis based on large observations and numeric modeling data

AI based Management and Economics

Goal : AI based management and economics innovation via business economics big data analysis, AI supported business intelligence, and AI supported financial prediction

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