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KI for BioCentury is a leading interdisciplinary research institute in biological science, biomedical engineerimg and biotechnology under a strong collaborative environment together with world leading research institutes and global corporations. Research at KIB focuses on Innovative Drug Screening and Development Platforms, Neurodegenerative and Mental Disorders, Systems and Synthetic Biotechnology and Development of Bio/Medical Instruments in an effort to address the issues related to human health, sustainable chemicals and energy, and protection of the environment.

Research Theme


♦ Cancer Metastasis Control Center (CMCC)

   PI: Prof. Ji-Joon, Song

Cancer Metastasis Control Center (CMCC) focuses on understanding the mechanisms of cancer metastasis, i.e., the spread of cancer to other parts of body and developing means that control this deadly process. Our center specifically puts an emphasis on deciphering epigenetic mechanisms involved in cancer progression and metastasis. Our studies will set the stage for the development of new anti-cancer therapeutic drugs that control cancer metastasis and eventually benefit patients and their families who suffer from cancer.

  Target Research Area:

-Understanding epigenetic mechanism of cancer metastasis

-Identify epigenetic target and biomarker of cancer metastasis

-Provide structural platform of epigenetic target for drug development

-Natural products and cancer metastasis

♦ Human Microbiome Control Center

   PI: Prof. Byung-Kwan Cho

   Target Research Area:

- Understanding the human microbiome patterns underlying ageing process and related diseases

- Developing innovative analysis tools for elucidating human microbiome patterns

- Developing next-generation therapeutic approaches for the healthy ageing

Name Position e-Mail Phone
Cho, Byung Kwan Director +82-042-350-2620

KAIST 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (34141)
T : +82-42-350-2381~2384
F : +82-42-350-2080
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