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A novel method for improving T1 MR image compatibility

A novel method can improve T1 MR image compatibility across different centers to study Alzheimer's disease

The use of different MRI protocols or scanners induces image incompatibility across multicenter studies, negating the many advantages of multicenter studies. Professor Yong Jeong developed a novel method, protocol-specific w-score standardization, to control the protocol effect. As expected, different protocols resulted in differing cortical thickness measurements in both normal controls (NC) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). However, after applying this method, the differences between the protocols substantially decreased while preserving the AD disease effect. This method’s effectiveness and convenience make it competitive with existing methods, and useful for a wide range of multicenter neuroimaging studies. This works was published in Neuroimage (JCR #1 in Neuroimaging category) in Oct 2017.

Prof. Yong Jeong
2018 KI Newsletter

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